Welcome to the Office of Economy and Labour (AWA)

The Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) provides advice and support for any questions you may have about unemployment, working conditions and the economic development of our region. As a centre we are actively engaged in building up and maintaining a well-functioning labour market whilst also promoting the competitiveness of the canton’s business and economy. Alongside the management of relations with social partners, associations, other cantons and the federal government, we are furthermore committed to the social protection of the structural changes. The Office of Economy and Labour is part of the Economic, Social and Environmental Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Short-time working compensation scheme for Basel Companies

Employees whose working hours have to be reduced for economic reasons or their work has to be set for a specific amount of time may be entitled to claim short-time working compensation.

Work Permits

We are your contact for any authorisations that may be required in the Basel labour market.

Legal Advice

Please arrange an appointment online in advance for the current week. (in German).

City tax & BaselCard

Basel-Stadt charges its guests a city tax (visitors' tax). These revenues flow into the creation and mainte-nance of tourism infrastructure.

Economic development - services

We are a service provider for Basel companies and those who plan to settle here. Personal contact is important to us.