Strategy to strengthen the framework conditions of Life Sciences

Life Sciences Strategy 2014-2017: a wider field of measures with four key areas

The new Life Sciences Strategy 2014-2017 builds on the success of the strategy of 2011 - notably the strengthening of clinical research - and sets out a new ground-breaking course. The strategy dossier includes 14 measures that have been divided into the following four core areas:

  1. 1. The priority of „Research, innovation and entrepreneurship" focuses on, among other things, the operational structure of the Swiss Innovation Park region of North-Western Switzerland in Allschwil and the demand-based extension of the Basel Technology Park. This will strengthen the research and development collaborations between companies, universities and hospitals as well as the start-up dynamics for new companies. In addition, it includes an analysis and illustration of the existing strengths and of the gaps in the Life Sciences value chain. These can be constantly strengthened and supplemented through the targeted establishment of businesses as well as an active company management programme.
  2. 2. The visibility of the Life Sciences region will be enhanced through the establishment of an institutionalised collaboration platform. This will reduce the fragmentation of those working in the field of Life Sciences development and allow for a better coordination of the activities. The outward appearance will be that of a cohesive and confident image projected in a common website (entry portal), and the support structures in the Life Sciences sector will be understandable and manageable.
  3. 3. The strategy localises further efforts and action in the areas of the sector-specific regulations. The Life Sciences location of Basel is competing at an international level, but its appeal is burdened by regulations at a national level. Since more Life Sciences cantons are affected by this development in Switzerland, there should be an improvement in the exchanges and cooperation between these cantons.
  4. 4. In order to meet the future demand of the Life Sciences industry for STEM professionals, the biannual experience show of tunBasel will also be ensured for 2016.

These conditions are crucial for ensuring that the Basel region can still assert itself with excellent players along the entire Life Sciences value chain as one of the world's leading Life Sciences regions with high innovative strength.

In order to be able to successfully implement the new strategy together with other partners, the new platform will be used for an institutionalised cooperation. The measures will be financed by either the budget of this platform or separate sources of credit.