ULI Switzerland Meeting Point Basel Technology Park

Under the banner of „The technology park of the 21st century: Case study examples and expert debate", the ULI invited its guests to an exciting evening event that focused first and foremost on innovative areas in general and on laboratory areas more specifically.

After an introduction by the ULI, Councillor Christoph Brutschin opened the event as its host in the Basel Technology Park. In his speech, he made reference to the development of property in North-Western Switzerland and explained how much the Basel Technology Park had contributed to its success. It was made very clear that there is already a high demand for innovative areas in Basel and the surrounding region. The canton provides a certain part of this demand for space in order to cover the needs that the market fails to cater for, i.e. the needs of the start-up companies. In doing so, it stimulates new demand and accordingly the need for larger areas. This creates a dynamic market and an exciting starting point for investment in innovative areas and real estate.

To conclude, Dr. Christian Garbe, Managing Director of the Frankfurt Innovation Centre (FIZ), spoke about the opportunities that can arise from new forms of research in the techno-park. He identified the opportunities and limitations of a state-run technology park. This second example of a technology park opened up an interesting and profitable exchange of experiences between the various practices.

The two speakers then discussed the overriding question „What innovative areas do innovative companies need?" together with the other panellists Michael Bornhäusser, Managing Director, Co-owner and Head of Equity, Products & Services Sallfort Private Bank Basel and Prof. Dr. Joachim Seelig, Emeritus Professor and Director of the Biocenter, University of Basel until 2009. There was a lively exchange in which they discussed the location of Basel in general and the economic importance of the Basel Technology Park. In addition, other issues were touched upon, such as what other instruments and structures promote young companies, and how can the private and public institutions best complement one another here.

The Apéro Riche, with full aperitif and canapé service, was held in the redesigned entrance area of the Basel Technology Park - the perfect setting for continuing the talks and discussions, making new contacts and strengthening existing relationships.

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