Commercial areas in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

The Economic Development of the Canton of Basel-Stadt has been most rewarding in recent years thanks to successful businesses. This growth has led to an increasing number of jobs and naturally, companies requiring more space to expand. The Canton of Basel-Stadt has taken various measures to ensure that these successful companies will be able to find suitable areas and premises for their future business activities, and it also supports the companies in their search for more space in an advisory capacity.

In recent years, the economy of the Canton of Basel-Stadt has been far more dynamic than any other canton throughout Switzerland, and that is because its companies are prospering. This economic growth has led to an increased demand for commercial property and land. The premises offered have been increasingly swallowed up by rising demand. As a result, the amount of vacant commercial area has fallen steadily since 2011 from 168`000 m2 to around 115`000 m2 in 2014. The amount of available space on the rental market also fell sharply. According to CSL Immobilien AG, in 2014, only 2.7% of premises were advertised on real estate platforms during the research period of six months. This is the lowest figure among the five largest cities in Switzerland. This development in the real estate market presents a major challenge to growing businesses, as it becomes increasingly difficult to find premises quickly enough to ensure that their business is the best that it can be.

The Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) is aware of this situation and wants to create conditions that allow these companies to continue to find suitable properties for their business activities within the canton. In addition to the short-term, real estate mediation services provided by BaselArea, the canton is pursuing a long-term strategy to identify trends in the real estate market at an early stage and to make a positive impact on the location factor of commercial property and land.

Commercial areas in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

In order to provide companies with a quick overview of where commercial areas will be set up in the future, the AWA has drafted its own portfolio of commercial areas in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The overview contains larger plots of land/premises that have still do not have any specific end users and are therefore available for growing businesses. We will be updating this portfolio every year and we will keep you updated on a regular basis with our AWA-Newsletter. You can order our portfolio of commercial areas free of charge from AWA or access it online.

Click this link to go directly to the Basel-Stadt Area Plan and the Fact Sheets.

In addition to its advisory services, the Canton of Basel-Stadt is also actively involved in projects that focus on providing Basel’s businesses with the right kind of premises. With Technologiepark Basel, the canton offers laboratories and offices for rent, so that innovative young companies can focus on their core business: commercialising their research results.

A second project, in which the canton acts as a landowner, has been set up to offer premises within the city to the classic commercial sector (craft industry and manufacturing companies). In June 2013, the Canton of Basel-Stadt decided to assign the business park at Neudorfstrasse for use within the building legislation. A multi-storey building is to be erected on the grounds as a business park. The "Werkarena" project was created in cooperation with Steiner AG, which was awarded the contract for the development of the Neudorfstrasse business park. Prospective tenants now have the opportunity to register their interest and to realise their ideas in cooperation with Steiner AG. For more detailed information, please refer to the official Press Release.

Real estate mediation

The canton also provides help to businesses with buying and selling existing real estate, because the commercial real estate market can be difficult to grasp and there is usually no overview of the properties that are currently available. This real estate mediation service is based on an intense flow of information and works in close collaboration with BaselArea, which in the mandate of the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura is responsible for important real estate mediation services.

BaselArea has a comprehensive network of real estate partners throughout the region, which is growing every year. The organisation actively works on and maintains this vital network. Consequently, BaselArea ensures that it has the most complete overview of existing real estate deals in the region. The close cooperation with the canton contributes to the success of the mediation services.

As commissioned by the Cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura, BaselArea also took over the management of the "Land Pool" project. This project is being implemented together with the three aforementioned cantons in the context of the federally funded New Regional Policy (NRP). The Land Pool provides a quick and comprehensive overview of land/space that is currently available within the economic region. The Land Pool brings together all the real estate listings in the area of commercial properties and plots, thereby providing a unique platform that has never been presented in this way before. This valuable tool improves the way in which companies and investors can search for a suitable location.

The database will be available to BaselArea from spring 2015. Interested companies can submit their queries using the contact form available at the BaselArea website.

Regional analysis of the real estate market yields even more advantages for the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Monitoring the development of supply and demand in a regional perimeter makes it possible to incorporate important information into the planning of new commercial areas. In future, this will have a positive effect on the availability and quality of commercial areas in the canton.

In order for the canton to realise its goal of offering companies good framework conditions, it is essential to have accurate information about the companies’ concrete ideas. Only this will put them in the position of being able to recognise and eliminate any conflicting goals in time. This early exchange of information can help avoid delays in projects. We look forward to hearing from you.



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