Representatives of the regional employment centre: personal and professional

Are you looking for new employees? Do you have a job vacancy that needs to be filled quickly? Our team of representatives is here for you. Tell us your personnel needs. We are your point of contact for professional personnel selection and recruitment.

At the regional employment centre there is a large selection of motivated and qualified job seekers who can be employed immediately for temporary or full-time positions. The chance of finding suitable employees from the biggest pool of candidates in Switzerland won't cost you a thing.

With the possibility of internships, familiarisation or training subsidies, you give young professionals or people with little vocational knowledge the chance to actively participate in the labour market. To help, unemployment insurance takes care of part of the wage costs for an agreed period and this can be to the benefit of both parties.

If you are not sure whether an applicant is suitable for a vacancy, you can ask the respective regional employment centre to hire them for a trial period. You will quickly ascertain during these days, whether they are suitable or not.

A summary of the most important services:

  • Personal advice on how best to prepare your job descriptions and job advertisements - by telephone or at your site
  • Quick and competent selection of suitable candidates based on your job description
  • On request, your vacancy can be advertised locally or in the central list of all regional employment centres throughout Switzerland. In addition, listing your vacancy on makes it more widely available via the relevant search engines

Would you like any advice or do you have any questions? You can contact us via email or by phone on +41 61 267 50 33.



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