Technologiepark Basel - Expansion as part of campaign to strengthen innovation promotion

Technologiepark Basel in the Stücki Business Park currently offers 3,400m2 of office and laboratory space for young technology companies involved in the life sciences industry, the chemical industry, environmental and energy technologies, nanotechnology and information and communication technology (ICT).

The premises are rented out on flexible terms and the companies can also benefit from shared infrastructure and a variety of different services.

The promotion of innovation at a time riddled with many uncertainties is crucial to the success of Basel as a business location. With a series of measures that are closely connected with the neighbouring cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Jura, the Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt wants to further strengthen the promotion of innovation between 2016 and 2025, in order to make a positive contribution to the development of added value and the labour market. The measures include strengthening of the innovation infrastructure in the form of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area (SIP Basel Area) and expansion of the Technologiepark Basel.

The SIP Basel Area is the tri-cantonal element in the area of infrastructure. It focuses on pre-competitive research and development with the aim of establishing a fertile basis for more research and development collaborations and a simplified transfer of knowledge and technology. New products and companies are created through the SIP Basel Area, which are then assigned the competitive part of the research and development. In the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the premises of Technologiepark Basel are ideally suited for the further development of these products and companies.

The Government decided to extend Technologiepark Basel further due to the constantly high level of utilisation of the space currently available in Technologiepark Basel, together with the ongoing demand for office and lab space for young technology companies, which is set to continue to rise in the environment of the SIP Basel Area. The laboratory and office space will be further extended so that Technologiepark Basel will be able to offer a total surface area of approximately 6,400m2 by autumn 2017.

The planning work for this extension is currently underway. The additional premises will be built on an ongoing basis so that the supplementary office and laboratory areas will be ready from autumn 2016 to autumn 2017 at the latest. For more detailed information on the new premises please visit Technologiepark Basel. It is also already possible to reserve areas within the new office and laboratory premises.



Technologiepark Basel
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