i-net production technologies event "Industrie 4.0 - 3 countries, 3 neighbors, 3 approaches for one purpose: competitiveness" on 19th April 2016

The industry of the future is a challenge, but also an opportunity for every industrial company to keep on being competitive and meet the new needs of the market in an even better way - regardless of whether they are French, Swiss or German.

In order to make sure you can offer added value and be able to differentiate your products and services, you must, as a company, ask yourself those definitive questions: how can the business model be redefined as a result of the new digital possibilities? How can new technologies be used to improve the organisation?

To meet these challenges "Industrie du Futur / Industrie 2025 / Industrie 4.0" will provide you with many useful tools and answers. Read more…

When: 19th April 2016, from 17.15
Where: EuroAirport - Salon des Aviateurs, Basel Mulhouse Airport



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