Lonza‘s Drug Product Services new in Basel

Lonza, the Swiss supplier for pharmaceutical and special chemistry, is establishing the new division “Drug Product Services” within the company area of Pharmaceuticals & Biotech in the Stücki Science Park in Kleinhüningen and is thus creating further laboratory and development capacities.

Since October 2016 Lonza started conducting research and development in Basel. The division “Drug Product Services”, which during the set-up phase employs 25 collaborators, specializes in parenteral dosage forms and combinations of highly complex medications. This includes formula development, analytical development, as well as quality control and the production of finished products for preclinical tests. Because of the growth expected in this area in the coming years, the number of collaborators will increase based on estimates from Lonza.

The new division is an important milestone for Lonza on the way to positioning itself as a comprehensive supplier of products and services for the pharmaceutical, health, and life sciences industry. The company pursues the goal of keeping pace with the biotechnological production process and the molecules produced thereby, antibody agents as well as conjugate drugs and the required dosage forms such as injections and infusions. The division is led by Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler.

Lonza cites the proximity of the pharmaceutical industry, the availability of qualified personnel, as well as the generally very good location conditions in Basel as reasons for the new division being located in Basel.



With its two market-oriented segments of Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredients, Lonza is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and special chemical markets. Lonza is not only specialised in client-specific manufacturing and development, but also offers services and products that extend from active pharmaceutical agents and stem cell therapies to disinfectants for drinking water, from Vitamin B complexes and organic ingredients for the cosmetic industry to agricultural products, and from industrial preservatives to antimicrobial solutions that fight dangerous viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

The company, which was found in 1897 in the Canton of Wallis as a small power station, is stock exchange listed in Switzerland and in Singapore. With more than 9,800 collaborators and around 40 important production and research locations worldwide, Lonza generated a turnover of around 3.8 billion Francs in 2015. At the company’s headquarters in Basel, Lonza employs around 310 collaborators. With around 2,700 collaborators, Visp is still the largest production site.


Stücki Science Park

The Stücki Science Park in Basel offers expandable laboratories and offices for innovative companies and start-ups from high-tech sectors such as life sciences, nano- and biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals as well as information and communications technology.
Among the characteristics of the Stücki Science Park is flexibility with regards to space offerings. The space requirements as well as the technical equipment can be fitted to the specific requirements of the tenants.

The connection with the Technologiepark Basel, located in the same building, counts as one of the advantages of the park. The services of the Technologiepark Basel, such as the ultra-modern auditorium or the support with the maintenance of infrastructure, are also open to the tenants of the Stücki Science Park. The Technologiepark Basel supports start-ups from high-tech industries in the establishment and growth phase.