Logistics is ... the dream shoe that fits perfectly

The Logistics Cluster Region Basel is starting a campaign this fall that will give the population an understanding of the importance of the logistics sector.

Because logistics is ... one of the most important sectors in the Basel region. It creates over 20,000 jobs and trains over 500 apprentices yearly. Thanks to the advantageous geographical situation, Basel has been an important location for large and small logistics companies and the number one logistics “hotspot” in Switzerland for over one hundred years.

Through innovative solutions and constant further development, goods reach clients more efficiently and sustainably. In other words: Logistics is the precondition for a prosperous Basel economic region.

The image campaign will be carried out during two weeks with posters in means of transportation of the BVB and BLT. Additionally, during one month an advertisement will be published in the daily newspaper “20 Minuten”. The campaign is linked to a contest. Taking part in the contest brings you to the website of the logistics cluster.

Logistics Cluster Region Basel

The Canton of Basel-Stadt recognises the economic importance of the logistics sector and would like to actively support it, so that the logistics location of Basel remains competitive in the long-term.

For this reason, the initiative Logistics Cluster Region Basel was founded in 2011 as a “public-private partnership” of both cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, the sector associations and the infrastructure operators together with the Chamber of Commerce Basel (HKBB). With the initiative Logistics Cluster Region Basel, an important instrument for the further development of the Basel logistics location was created.