Contact point for companies – in use for a decade

For exactly 10 years as of 1 November 2006, the KMU desk was initiated as the new service of the Office of Economy and Labour of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The idea behind this was to provide a central contact point in the public administration for small and mid-sized companies. Access should be facilitated so that problems or issues can be quickly and simply tackled. In the meantime, the KMU desk is firmly established as a service of the Economic Development Unit.

Since the relaunch of the web page in June 2016 combined with the renaming of the KMU desk to “Contact point for companies”, the number of questions to the Economic Development Unit has further increased. Not a day goes by in which no new question is asked via telephone or mail, for example “What permission is needed to open an employment agency?”, “When is it possible to change a B-permit into a C-permit”? or “What are the criteria for a tax relief?”.

The Economic Development Unit cannot and will not fully answer every question. The contact point rather delivers the first information, identifies the relevant administration unit or organisation and provides the right contact promptly.

Because of the multitude of questions, the work is demanding and stimulating at the same time. Personal contact is important. Whether through mail or by telephone, the question is shortly recorded together and either directly answered or the next step is defined. It is especially positive, when the client calls again due to a prior positive experience.

You can also call us at +41 61 267 66 99 or contact us by email at The Economic Development Unit is glad to assist you.

Here you can reach the Contact point for companies.