presents itself in a new outfit

At the beginning of 2016 was launched as a joint organisation for innovation and location promotion for the three cantons of Northwestern Switzerland Basel-Stadt, Basel Landschaft, and Jura.

Three important core considerations led to the project of uniting in the future the organisations BaselArea, i-net Innovation networks switzerland (i-net) and the China Business Platform under one roof.

  1. Through focusing on innovation topics and networking in their respective technology fields, in particular the life sciences and medtech as well as related but also supporting industries (“ICT”, “nano, micro & materials” as well as “production technology”), the new organisation builds on the strength of the economic area of Northwestern Switzerland and gives it a sharper profile with a clear unique selling point.
  2. Through the merging of different competencies in one organisation, it is possible to create a unified and consistent service portfolio that offers the client a clear added value.
  3. Through the bundling of strengths the new organisation can also provide specific services for the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area - without these would have to be organized in the park and financed additionally.

To fulfil these essential basic points of the performance mandate, the new organisation orientates itself strategically according to the following model: An information platform consisting of a website, blog, and social media shows the dynamics of the economic region using fact-based background information on the location as well as regular reporting. Professional events and workshops allow for the continual expansion and deepening of the network of innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers and ensure the transfer of know-how and knowledge within these target groups. On this basis, the new organisation offers tailored support and consulting services for the settlement, expansion, and establishment of new companies as well as innovation projects.

In line with these strategic targets, the new organisation is divided into five service units:

  1. “Communication & Marketing” is essentially entrusted with the construction and operation of the information platform and ensures that the Basel economic region presents itself with a strong profile.
  2. “Technology & Innovation” maintains the networks in the technology fields and establishes the content focus for events and workshops in close cooperation with industry and research institutions.
  3. “Business, Headquarters & Start-ups” supports the establishment and settling of new companies and organises measures to encourage entrepreneurship in the region.
  4. “International Markets & Promotion” generates and processes leads from the relevant markets of China, the U.S., France, Benelux, Germany, and India. The former China Business Platform is now integrated in this unit.
  5. The support team, in addition to the execution of all back office functions, has resources that can be used project-related in the other units.

The president of the new organisation is Domenico Scala, former president of i-net. The former manager of i-net, Dr. Christof Klöpper, is the chairperson of the management board.

The merger was implemented on 20 November 2015. Since the beginning of 2016 the organisation acts under the name - with the claim “Fostering Innovation & Accelerating Business in Switzerland’s Most Dynamic Economic Region”. Since September 2016, has a new website. In addition to current events and reporting about innovation happenings in the Basel region, you will also find the new service portfolio there. This comprises four core service sectors:

  1. Connecting Innovators advises and networks in the technology fields “life sciences”, “medtech”, “ICT”, “nano, mikro & materials”, as well as “production technology” on the topics of technology, R&D, and innovation.
  2. Supporting Entrepreneurs offers companies that want to settle in the region or that are newly established here general assistance on the operative implementation of their project. Moreover, start-ups as well as expanding PMEs in the above-named technology fields are specifically promoted by the involvement of specialized experts and the intermediation of potential investors.
  3. Invest in the Basel Region advises clients during the entire settlement process and offers tailored decision and support services for the expansion of your business activities in the region.
  4. Accessing China organises delegation trips to China and provides companies in Northwestern Switzerland with accelerated access to markets and business partners via a competent network on-site.

Through this integrated service portfolio clearly differentiates itself in the market. With the cooperation of innovation and location promotion, the Basel region additionally gains an elevated profile. Innovation is the engine for growth of Northwestern Switzerland and contributes decisively towards sustainable growth of added value in our region.

The long-term goal of is to maintain as well as to further develop the leading position of the region as a location of innovation in the increasingly fierce national and global competitive environments. Thereby, it is necessary to use the resources accordingly and to primarily focus on the strengths of the economic location and to communicate these publicly via the appropriate channels. The service portfolio of focuses on supporting domestic and foreign companies with settling and expanding in the region.

Central to the service provision of is the competence of its collaborators, who have comprehensive knowledge of high value-adding technology fields and who are also acquainted with the relevant topics as well as the players in the innovation and economic location of Northwestern Switzerland. For this, the maintaining and continuous development of a qualified network of decision-makers, innovators, experts, and multipliers, are crucial. Through this network the clients of gain specific access to knowledge and specialised know-how and can thus optimally implement their innovation and business projects in the region.