”Basler Sozialpreis für die Wirtschaft 2017"

It is difficult for people who are impaired socially, mentally or for other health reasons, to find and retain suitable training or work. The Canton of Basel-Stadt therefore wants to support the professional integration of persons with impairments.

Every year it awards one to two companies with the Basler Sozialpreis (social award for Basel businesses). This is remunerated with 10,000 Francs and is awarded at a ceremony.

Companies are sought with extraordinary commitment in training or employing collaborators who are impaired socially, mentally or for other health reasons. Companies that support special prevention or integration programs for persons with impairments by placing orders there are also sought. The companies can apply themselves or they can be nominated by someone else.

The Basler Sozialpreis 2016 was awarded to Genossenschaft Migros Basel. With this, a company was honoured in which social responsibility and the health of its collaborators have been the focus of personnel policy for many years and are being implemented with great commitment. You can find further information here.

Would you like to register your own company or do you know of a socially-committed company that you would like to recommend for the Basler Sozialpreis 2017? We look forward to hearing from you!

The tendering for the “Basler Sozialpreis für die Wirtschaft 2017” (social award for Basel businesses) lasts from 26 September 2016 to 15 January 2017.

You will find conditions of participation and a registration form under: http://www.baslersozialpreis.ch