Precision Medicine: DayOne initiative officially launched

Christoph Brutschin, Member of the Executive Council, invited corporate, academic and healthcare decision-makers to the „Basler Volkshaus“ in mid-January to participate in the launch of „DayOne – the Innovation Hub for Precision Medicine“. The DayOne initiative aims to solidify Basel’s front-runner position in the next phase of life sciences. Increasing digitalization in healthcare will not only disrupt the industry, but it also has large potential for the location Basel. Read more...

What does DayOne offer?

DayOne focuses on the following four key aspects of Precision Medicine in the Basel region:

1. Experts: In after-work events, which will be held on a regular basis, key topics in Precision Medicine will be presented and discussed in a small group setting. Goal of these events is to bring together experts from different fields to gather their input, to identify and co-develop possible joint projects or business ideas and to find new solutions.

2. Conference: The DayOne conference is an annual full-day event featuring top keynote speakers and an interactive program section (i.e. „world café“). The conference offers an attractive mix for innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs, industry experts and more.

3. Projects: DayOne offers anyone with a business idea not only a platform to find partners and experts to collaborate, but also accompanies the projects during the development and growth phases, and provides other support (incorporation, financing etc.)

4. Lab: The initiative „DayOne“ supports project launches and collaborations in Precision Medicine with lab space at the Stücki Science Park. The DayOne lab is designed as a dry lab, meaning an „electronic workshop“. Project ideas become tangible at the DayOne lab. The on-site infrastructure and a large partner network allow for prototype development and testing. And the DayOne network mobilizes the expertise needed for every specific challenge. In addition, the lab offers a physical platform as a „neutral“ ground for collaborations between established institutions.

What comes next?

a) A dialogue with interested stakeholders in the region
After a successful launch, a dialogue with local stakeholders will further define interests, benefits and gather other important input. Throughout the year stakeholders, who show an interest in this initiative, will be involved more closely in order to promote more projects.

b) Events:
April 25th 2017 Artificial Intelligence / machine learning event – registration at

c) Lab progress – pilot projects
Two pilot projects are currently underway in the lab, both contribute to the lab’s design concept. Additional projects are welcome with the aim to expand the lab to four times its current size come 2018.

d) Collaborating on a new life sciences strategy (2018-2020)
Precision Medicine was identified as the key theme for the life sciences strategy 2018-2020 at the 5th Bad Schauenburg symposium. At the Bad Schauenberg symposium the groundwork is laid out for the next strategy planning horizon. The core team of DayOne was instrumental in identifying „Precision Medicine“ as a key focus in the new strategy. The strategy for the period of 2018-2020 will be approved at a later point by the governments of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Canton of Basel-Landschaft as well as the board of the Basel chamber of commerce.

e) Organisation, contacts, LinkedIn group, as the regional agency for innovation promotion, together with the Economic Development unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt actively promotes Precision Medicine activities in Basel, and within the scope of DayOne advocates a good business framework. Learn more here. Connect with the Precision Medicine Group BaselArea on LinkedIn. Read more (in German).
Get connected with the Precision Medicine Group BaselArea (LinkedIn)

About DayOne

DayOne was formed in conjunction with the LIFT conference to meet the needs of the local life sciences industry and within a short time has blossomed into an initiative with many stakeholders from the industry, hospitals and universities. Aim of the initiative (Precision Medicine Group Basel Area (LinkedIn)), which has grown to over 300 people since its inception, is to strengthen the collaboration between the various healthcare stakeholders. Basel offers the best conditions for such an initiative with a strong life sciences sector and excellent basic research. In addition, DayOne will address the potential for the ICT industry as well as for possible investment opportunities.

DayOne coordinates its efforts with other Swiss initiatives – Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and Digital Switzerland - and actively promotes them in the Basel region. The Canton of Basel-Stadt made a vital contribution in the form of an initial funding for the Data Coordination Centre’s new home in Basel, and together with its industry partners moves the Precision Medicine agenda forward in the Basel region.