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Implementation underway for the freight traffic concept of the City of Basel

Freight traffic plays a significant role in Basel’s everyday life and with roughly 25% it counts for a substantial portion of the motor vehicle traffic in Basel.

The task force for freight traffic in Basel started implementing preliminary recommendations from the freight traffic concept a few months ago. The task force is composed of representatives of the Department of Public Works and Transport, the Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs, the Canton of Basel-Landschaft as well as the “LogistikCluster Region Basel” – an initiative by the Basel chamber of commerce.

In a first phase of the project the construction of micro depots and/or parcel terminals in the Canton of Basel-Stadt will be assessed. Because only a close collaboration with the logistics industry will ensure a smooth implementation of these measures, services providers (courier, express, package delivery) in the region will be involved early on in the project. Aim is to work out the necessary requirements to ensure an infrastructure that will guarantee the logistical supply of the city in the future.

It will also be evaluated, which districts may require added monitoring for cargo transfer sites.  Goal is to keep the transfer points for the municipal freight traffic as available as possible, so that searching for free space would be easier and hence fewer multiple trips would occur.

In addition, data will be collected on how to use energy-efficient delivery vehicles and how to promote the implementation of sustainable delivery models. Under certain circumstances it is feasible for example to promote innovation projects or collaborations with an initial funding. Project ideas should come from the industry though, and the task force examines relevant proposals in regards of its contribution to the cantonal transport policy objectives.

In parallel to these mentioned sub-projects, the task force “freight traffic” will analyse new industry developments on an on-going basis and add to the list of measures.

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