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Not a feast for the eyes: Award „Basler Sozialpreis für die Wirtschaft 2017 (Social Impact in Business)“ goes to restaurant blindekuh Basel

The Cantonal administration awards „Basler Sozialpreis für die Wirtschaft 2017 (Social Impact in Business)“ to the restaurant blindekuh Basel on May 3rd 2017.

The restaurant blindekuh („blindekuh“ is the German version of the game „Blind man’s buff“) is one of the largest private employers for people with visual impairment in Basel. Eight out of their thirty staff members at the restaurant in Basel are visually impaired. The establishment is unique in its effort to provide employment opportunities for blind people. The restaurant concept also wants to make the public aware about what it means to live with a visual impairment through a unique experience – eating in total darkness. Restaurant goers will be confronted with their own limitations, which blind people don’t necessarily experience as a handicap for themselves. Even though the restaurant blindekuh has a social vision, it is a private business.