Location factors

How competitive is Basel-Stadt and how does the canton perform with regard to location attractiveness? A look at selected location factors delivers the answers.

The competitiveness and attractiveness of Basel-Stadt as a business location is demonstrated on the basis of selected location factors. The location factors shape the location quality and contribute substantially to the growth performance of the economic region.

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Explanation: The total Swiss average is normalized to 100. The most current available years (2013 to 2017) were used.

It is apparent that Basel-Stadt is clearly above the Swiss average with regard to accessibility and innovation capacity. The continental accessibility index takes into account the travel time and the frequency needed to reach a given region. In addition to air traffic, road and rail connections are also considered. Basel-Stadt can be reached optimally from Europe as well as from other regions of Switzerland. This is very important, because the better a region is connected, the more it can participate in economic growth. The high capacity for innovation is reflected in the number of patents per capita and in the BAK higher education institutions quality index (based on the CWTS Leiden Ranking). An important factor for the innovation force of a region is also the availability of highly skilled people, i.e. the so-called tertiary rate. Here also, Basel-Stadt features an outstanding characteristic, which is reflected conversely in a lower secondary rate. To compare the taxation of companies and highly qualified persons, the BAK Taxation Index was also considered. The most important indicator for the average taxation of companies is the EATR tax burden (i.e. effective tax burden) of a successful investment, and, for highly qualified persons, the tax burden on a net income of EUR 100,000 for a highly qualified single worker without children. Both indicators take into account all relevant tax types and regulations in the given location. The Tax project 17 will lead to a positive development with regard to today's below-average rating of the company taxation indicator.