Rent and tax relief

Every new company establishment or set up involves significant investment costs, especially in the case of technology-oriented companies. When can companies in the Canton of Basel-Stadt apply for rent and tax relief? What are the relevant criteria?

Rent relief

Are you running a new technology company that pays high lab rents? The Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt offers rent allowances.

Rental charges are a major budget item for young, technology-oriented companies, especially when specific requirements such as labs, clean rooms, areas for specific production steps or server rooms are necessary for the company.

The Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt supports your company with rent allowances. The criteria to be fulfilled for receiving rent relief are stated in the following leaflet. The amounts are determined individually and granted for a time frame of up to three years. If you are interested, please fill in the following application form.


Tax relief

Do you want to apply for tax relief?

Are you interested in the criteria for tax relief?

For legal entities, that are newly established in the Canton of Basel-Stadt or have essentially altered their business activity and that are of economic interest to the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the Cantonal Government can grant tax relief for the year of establishment and for the following nine years. Applications must be sent to the Finance Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt (in German only).