Shop Opening Times

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We process your applications and issue licences for extended or exceptional opening times for your shop or stall.

Do you own a shop and want to apply for extended opening times due to a special occasion?
Or do you want to run a sales stall at register an event?

Please contact us if you want us to review and approve a licence for

  • organising events on public holidays and days off
  • running sales stalls at special events (e.g. carnival, 1 August, national holiday)
  • extended or exceptional opening times (e.g. anniversary, opening, event)

In addition, we carry out checks to ensure businesses comply with the authorised opening times in response to complaints and at our own discretion.


Extended late openings on workdays (Monday through Friday) – practice as of 2017

In 2017, three extended late openings per outlet and per year can be requested, in the months from January through November.

The exception permit can be granted for workdays from Monday through Friday up to latest 10 p.m., except for Maundy Thursday and on days prior to public holidays.

Please note: an exception permit can only be issued on the occasion of a special event such as the completion of a refurbishment, a reopening, a model change, an anniversary (after 10 years, every 5 years) and the like. This also includes special occasions / customer events with a corresponding supporting programme (entertainment, aperitif, entry restriction etc.).

In the month of November, a maximum of two extended late openings are granted under the condition that there are at least two full calendar weeks between the extended evening sales.