Work Permits

We are your contact regarding admission to the Basel labour market.

  • Notification procedure

    Find out about your notification duties and the online notification procedure for postings as well as short-term work of up to three months with a Swiss employer.

  • EU-27/EFTA: Commencement of work with an employer in Switzerland for more than three months

    General information for employers regarding the employment and work of EU-27/EFTA nationals in Switzerland.

  • EU-27/EFTA: Postings

    A work permit is not required for postings of up to 90 days per calendar year. There is, however, a duty to notify to be complied with directly via the notification procedure.

  • EU-1 (Croatia)

    Protocol III of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) provides transitional provisions regarding gainful work for Croatian nationals (EU-1). Authorisation is still required for numerous activities.

  • Non-EU-27/EFTA member states (third countries): Commencement of work with an employer in Switzerland and postings

    Third-country nationals are subject to restrictive conditions under the law on foreign nationals regarding admission to the Swiss labour market.

  • Non-EU member states (third countries): Self-employment

    Nationals from third countries are subject to particular conditions under the law on foreign nationals for taking up self-employment.

  • Wages

    Would you like to find out whether minimum wages exist in a specific industry and what wages apply in a certain region or industry? Do you know how to calculate the respective wage yourself? Use the wage calculator of the Federal Statistical Office.

  • Au-Pairs

    All applications for au-pair permits must be submitted to AWA. Applications related to au-pairs from third countries may be submitted to AWA by licensed Swiss au-pair organisations only.

  • Trade fair assignments

    The employment of foreign staff at trade fairs requires notification or a permit application.