Work Permits

We are your contact regarding admission to the Basel labour market.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) has introduced new entry restrictions for all Schengen States (except the Principality of Liechtenstein), all third countries outside the Schengen area and for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Cyprus.

To protect the population, the registration procedure and the granting of permits will be restricted. Newly arriving foreign persons (irrespective of nationality) will only be admitted for activities that

• ensure the availability of essential goods and services in the fields of remedies and care, food, energy, logistics plus information and communication technology, including maintenance work;
• are related to health care, agriculture, IT and research.

The obligation to register and obtain a permit applies from day one. When entering the country, these persons must be able to show either the confirmation of registration or authorisation or assurance of entry.

Foreign employees (service providers, trainees, au-pairs, etc.) whose labour market applications have already been approved by the SEM and who have received confirmation or assurance that their work or entry permit has been granted may continue to enter Switzerland. If neither entry permit nor the assurance that the work permit has been granted have yet been issued, these applications are suspended.

Pending labour market applications for newly arriving foreign persons will be suspended temporarily.

Until further notice, the AWA Basel-Stadt will no longer accept new labour market applications for newly arriving foreign persons.

You will find the links to the SEM Directive of 24.03.2020, to the SEM circular of 24.03.2020 and to information by SEM of 25.03.2020 either at the end of the page "Notification procedure" ("Further important information...") or " Non-EU/EFTA member states (third countries): Commencement of work with an employer in Switzerland and postings" ("Further important information...").

BREXIT – The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) left the EU on 31 January 2020. In the withdrawal agreement, the EU and the UK agreed on a transition period until 31 December 2012. As a result, notification and permit procedures remain unchanged for UK nationals and for service providers based in the UK. If you are working for less than 90 days, please select the “Notification procedure” heading, if you are working for more than 90 days, please select “EU-26/EFTA: Commencement of work (…)” or “EU-26/EFTA: Postings”.

  • Notification procedure

    Find out about your notification duties and the online notification procedure for postings as well as short-term work of up to three months with a Swiss employer.

  • EU-26/EFTA: Commencement of work with an employer in Switzerland for more than three months

    General information for employers regarding the employment and work of EU-27/EFTA nationals in Switzerland.

  • EU-26/EFTA: Postings

    A work permit is not required for postings of up to 90 days per calendar year. There is, however, a duty to notify to be complied with directly via the notification procedure.

  • EU-1 (Croatia)

    Protocol III of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) provides transitional provisions regarding gainful work for Croatian nationals (EU-1). Authorisation is still required for numerous activities.

  • Non-EU/EFTA member states (third countries): Commencement of work with an employer in Switzerland and postings

    Third-country nationals are subject to restrictive conditions under the law on foreign nationals regarding admission to the Swiss labour market.

  • Non-EU member states (third countries): Self-employment

    Nationals from third countries are subject to particular conditions under the law on foreign nationals for taking up self-employment.

  • Wages

    Would you like to find out whether minimum wages exist in a specific industry and what wages apply in a certain region or industry? Do you know how to calculate the respective wage yourself? Use the wage calculator of the Federal Statistical Office.

  • Au-Pairs

    All applications for au-pair permits must be submitted to AWA. Applications related to au-pairs from third countries may be submitted to AWA by licensed Swiss au-pair organisations only.

  • Trade fair assignments

    The employment of foreign staff at trade fairs requires notification or a permit application.