Job Search & Unemployment

We help clients find a job, advise them on suitable work integration measures and legal issues. Furthermore, we examine their entitlement to financial benefits in the event of loss of income due to unemployment or temporary financial emergencies when they have lost their position.

Unemployed – What Should you do?

Has your employment contract been terminated?
Or did you hand in your notice? We have put together the first, most important steps for you here.

Financial Support

What financial support you can apply for when you are unemployed?


Do you have any questions on the subject of recruitment consultancy, integration into the labour market, regulations on unemployment and employment contracts? The staff at the Office of Economy and Labour will gladly advise you.

Working in Europe

Are you an EU citizen working in Switzerland? Or, as a Swiss citizen, do you want to work in the EU? Then you are at the right place. We will gladly advise you.


Download the online templates for PD U1 and E 301.