Unemployed – What Should you do?

With the threat of unemployment, the people affected usually have lots of questions. The most important steps are summarised below.

  1. Inform yourself: If you are about to become unemployed, you have the duty to inform yourself about the next steps to take. To help you do this, please see the presentation below "Unemployed – what I need to know!" For further inquiries you may also contact us by phone or e-mail. Please use the contact details given in the info box.
  2. Register
    Report in person to your Regional Employment Centre at one of our two locations by no later than the day you become unemployed. We will provide you with the necessary forms and inform you about how to proceed. Please bring an official form of ID with you - for foreign nationals this would be your residence permit or settlement permit.

    When we have your application, you will receive an appointment for the recording and registration of your personal data. After this interview you will be assigned a personal advisor from the Regional Employment Centre.

    Your personal advisor will provide you with the necessary support during the job search in regularly scheduled consultations.
  1. How to tackle and document your job search (endeavours to find work)
    Please note the following
    You are obliged to try to find a new job during your period of notice. These endeavours to find work will be documented in the initial consultation at the Regional Employment Centre based on application letters, advertisements for jobs, rejection letters, etc. Document your efforts in full and to help you, use the Verification form for personal endeavours to find work (in German only).


Einstiegsbild der Präsentation „Arbeitslos – das muss ich wissen“