Economic zones

The Canton of Basel-Stadt strives to make economic zones and areas available according to demand and with the requested quality. Attractive real estate offers shall encourage new company establishments and business expansions.

Economic zones

Basic data about the commercial real estate market
The Economic Development Unit implements different measures to achieve this objective and offers specific products and services: 

The Economic Development Unit as a facilitator in the real estate field
A dynamic and efficient commercial real estate market is characterized by a quick adaptation of real estate offers to the constantly changing requirements of companies. The Economic Development Unit regards itself as a facilitator between companies, the real estate industry and public administration in order to provide all participants with the best possible decision-making basis.

Are you planning an expansion of your company or are you searching for profitable investment opportunities in commercial real estate? Then we are happy to show you the possibilities in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.


Economic zones report

Investment opportunity commercial real estate Canton of Basel-Stadt
The Economic Development Unit summarises the most important indicators and developments in the commercial real estate market. The focus lies on the development of vacancies in commercial real estate according to type of use and supply ratio, which is based on the specific measure of advertised commercial real estate. With a well-functioning commercial real estate market, at least five per cent of the stock is advertised annually, which allows market players to continuously adapt to their changing requirements.

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Industrial and commercial premises according to size in m2 and usage 2012 to 2018. Source: Statistisches Amt des Kantons Basel-Stadt, 2018.

A short overview with exciting indicators and insights of the Economic Development Unit in the commercial real estate market can be found in the annual factsheet "Investitionschance Geschäftsimmobilien Kanton Basel-Stadt" (Investment opportunity commercial real estate Canton of Basel-Stadt – in German only).

Do you have questions regarding the current situation of economic zones and areas in the Canton of Basel-Stadt? Contact our person responsible for economic zones.


Economic zones portfolio - Canton of Basel-Stadt

Are you looking for space to expand your company? Do you want to develop attractive commercial real estate for the increasing market demand? Or are you interested in investing in commercial real estate? The economic zones portfolio gives an overview of the available zones with potential for commercial use in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 

The "Wirtschaftsflächenportfolio – Kanton Basel-Stadt" (economic zones portfolio – Canton of Basel-Stadt) offers you a modularly designed and annually updated overview of the economic zones available in the canton in the future. Use the map of the area and individual site descriptions to find out if a specific site is of interest to you as a company or real estate investor.

Are you looking for an appropriate economic zone?
Do you have an attractive site for the overview? Are you looking for an appropriate economic zone for your company? Or do you want to invest in commercial real estate in the Canton of Basel-Stadt? If so, please contact the person responsible for economic zones.