Initiative Life Sciences Cluster Basel

As a life sciences company, do you have any specific needs regarding the regional industry-specific framework and business conditions? Here you can find further information about the Initiative Basel Life Sciences Cluster.

Within the scope of the initiative Basel Life Sciences Cluster we, together with the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, and the Basel Chamber of Commerce, Basel and Innovation Park Basel Area, attend to these region-specific life sciences issues.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt contributes actively to defending the exceptional market position of the life science companies domiciled in the region by jointly supporting the further development and continuous implementation of the life sciences strategy.

You can learn more about the players of the Basel Life Sciences Cluster on the website “”.

You can learn more about the life sciences strategy 2018-2021 here. The strategy aims to position the region of Basel as leader in personalized medicine and make it even more attractive for the establishment of new life sciences companies.