Cooperation with RAV during COVID-19

Information for jobseekers during the current corona virus pandemic.


The protection of job seekers and RAV staff against infection with the coronavirus is a high priority. Nevertheless, people threatened by unemployment can register with us for job placement (RAV) at any time. Please note our information on the exceptional registration process.

In view of a further normalisation of the range of services offered, personal counselling interviews have in some cases been held again since 1 July 2020.



Personal consultations with your personnel consultant will only take place by prior appointment. In the next phase these will be conducted in particular with the following persons:

  • Job seekers who have so far only been advised by telephone.
  • Jobseekers who are newly registered with the Regional Employment Service (RAV).  

Jobseekers who have taken advantage of a personal counselling interview in the last six months will generally be counseled by telephone.     

Particularly vulnerable jobseekers can still do without personal advice in our offices. If an appointment has been arranged you are obliged to contact your personnel consultant in good time.

To implement the protection concept, persons with symptoms of illness are also prohibited from entering the office premises. Please contact your personnel consultant by telephone or e-mail.


Duty to mitigate losses

Insured persons must do everything reasonable to avoid or reduce unemployment. In view of the exceptional situation, finding a reasonable job is extremely difficult, depending on the sector concerned. The RAV therefore is attaching great importance to this fact and will be assessing each situation individually. However, the goal of getting insured persons reintegrated into the labour market quickly and permanently is still being pursued.


Job search / proof of endeavours to find work

Even in the current situation, insured persons are still obliged to search jobs. It is therefore important that applications continue to be made and noted on the form "Proof of endeavours to find work ". During the extraordinary situation, the obligation to submit this particular form is waived. However, at the latest one month after the repeal of COVID 19 regulation 2, all endeavours to find work made since the beginning of March 2020 must be sent to the RAV. All endeavours to find work made will then be assessed as a whole.

If you have any questions about individual job searches, please contact the relevant recruitment consulting service.


Daily allowances and framework payment/payments of unemployment benefits

If you have any questions regarding your entitlement to unemployment compensation, please get in touch with your relevant unemployment fund directly.