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The life sciences cluster in the Basel region – in a nutshell with brand new facts & figures

Why is the life sciences cluster in Basel so unique, globally? Can this statement be quantitatively proven? At the end, only numbers and facts speak a clear language in times of fake news.

This booklet is a first of its kind for the Basel region. It captures the diversity and strength of the life sciences cluster in Basel perfectly. We want to show you in detail the different cluster strengths with this handy brochure and we want to make you aware of the unique DNA of our region.

Around 700 life sciences companies are located in the Basel region. In order that these businesses can reach their goals successfully, it is crucial to gain a good understanding about the movers and shakers and industry know-how for this location. With the project „Cluster Mapping“ an important information gap will be closed.

This project was executed over several months within the scope of the initiative „Life Sciences Cluster Region Basel“ and under the leadership of the Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, as well as with the help from its dedicated partners: The Economic Development Canton of Basellandschaft,, Basel Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss Innovation Park Basel Area. A big thank you goes to our academic partner, the University of Bern. Professor Heike Mayer and her team have significantly contributed to the success and implementation of this project.

To be continued…

Because of some very positive impressions and encouraging feedback about the „Cluster Mapping“ project, a follow-up project is planned through the “ Initiative Life Sciences Cluster Basel”. Based on an interactive digital map, the goal of this new project will be to visualize the historical development of companies and their geographical location. We keep you posted about going live with this intriguing follow-up project.