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Technologiepark Basel expands footprint and launches new website on March 13th

Tech Park “Technologiepark Basel” opens its doors on March 13th 2018 to the newly added space of 3'000m2 – and thus will expand its footprint to nearly double its current size. Companies that are interested to see the new space are welcome to do so on the opening day. In addition, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG will present the expansion plans of the rest of the Stücki Park development, where the Technologiepark is located.

This marks the second time since 2014 that the Technologiepark Basel is expanding its footprint. With the park’s current 23 tenants, occupancy rate of the existing space has nearly reached its limit. Continuing high demand for lab and office space in the Canton of Basel-Stadt, as well as attractive leasing terms at the Technologiepark Basel and its popularity with start-ups, was the driving force for this expansion.

Twelve new biological and two new chemical labs will be operational at the Technologiepark Basel by mid-March 2018. In addition, there will be 34 new offices and additional communal spaces such as conference rooms, kitchens or storage and bathrooms. The floor plan at the Technologiepark will then be approx. 6’400m2.

Inspiring environment at Stücki Park

The Stücki Park is being further developed around the Technologiepark Basel. Four new buildings will be added to the current park. This new expansion of lab and research spaces will create the necessary space for an additional 1'700 jobs until 2023, and the rental space will be doubled to 60'000m2. Companies that plan to grow in Basel or are looking to expand to Basel will find an attractive offering in an inspiring environment at the Stücki Park.

Opening ceremony and viewing for interested companies

The new space is available to tech start-ups. Tech start-ups and other interested parties are welcome to visit the new space at the opening ceremony on March 13th 2018 between 11.45am and 2pm. At the same time, real estate developer Swiss Prime Site Immobilien AG will present the Stücki Park, which is currently under development.

Also at the opening ceremony will Professor Dr. Marc Gruber, Vice President for Innovation at EPFL, present key findings, which are based on his book „Where to play“, about why market decision-making for technology companies is relevant. To register for this event, please email Further information can be found here (in German).

The evening event will be for select guests as well as for the media, where the new space will be officially inaugurated in attendance of Christoph Brutschin, Member of the Cantonal Government of Basel-Stadt.

New website

At the same time as the opening of the expanded space in mid-March, a new website will be launched for the Technologiepark Basel. Online visitors will find a completely new look of the tech park at the same domain

The Technologiepark Basel is affiliated with the Canton of Basel-Stadt. And its staff is employed by the Office of Economy and Labour.