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Mentoring 50+ an impactful commitment - Become a mentor for older job seekers

Being unemployed is a life event many people experience at some point in their lives. Different factors impact the chances and also the risks on the path back to finding new employment. Age remains one of the main factors: Studies confirm that people over 50 are more likely affected by long-term unemployment than younger people.

On behalf of the Office of Economy and Labour, the Impulse Association supports job seekers over 50 during their career development with the „Mentoring 50+“ program. Impulse counts on the support of the employers in the region for this program – and thereby counts on you.

The economy is missing out on the diverse know-how and on many loyal employees with the long-term unemployed, who are over 50. Not the birth year but the unique expertise and resources should be relevant to fill a job opening. This means rethinking the current situation, where everyone can play his or her part.

Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee – in this case a person who is looking for a job. The relationship is fuelled by the experience the mentor has gained over the years.

The mentoring program is looking for mentors from various industries who are open to share their experience, knowledge and network. Having a network of people who can open doors is crucial in finding a job. The mentorship program is on a volunteer basis, mentors can benefit on different levels from this program: learning new views and ways of thinking, exchange with other mentors, accompanying programs about Mentoring 50+ and most of all establishing new contacts in the Impulse community.

Flexibility, openness and trust are sought-after, that is when a mentoring relationship can be fruitful on both sides.

Interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact Impulse, Mentoring 50+, Nicole Bertherin