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«Yes» - How can the chances on the job market be increased for the over 50 year olds?

Sozialkonferenz Basel - a conference for social and poverty issues - invites to a symposium on April 19th 2018 as part of the event series „The Economy and Poverty”.

Rapidly increasing digitalization and an aging population present huge challenges to the business world, the social security and the financial systems, and lead to uncertainties in younger but also older people.

In the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft combined, an estimated 4'000 persons over the age of 45 are looking for work. This doesn’t count unemployed persons, who are already retired and who either live off their own savings or on social benefits. Increasingly, also well-qualified people have problems finding a new job. Often they seem too expensive to hire or their diverse career paths are not being paid enough attention. This can have negative consequences for their personal lives and even lead to health issues.

The Sozialkonferenz Basel invites to the symposium „Too young to retire, too old to work“ in Basel on April 19th 2018 and asks the business and political community, as well as people, who are battling with this issue, to take part in the conversation and in finding solutions.

Besides two presentations about the challenges digitalization brings to the work environment and the state of the over 50 year old unemployed on the job market, a panel discussion with experts from politics and business awaits, and affected individuals will have the floor.

The platform „Sozialkonferenz Basel“ comprises of players from the cantonal administration in Basel, from politics, business, NGOs and people in poverty, and is backed by the Christoph Merian Foundation.

For content-related questions please contact Fleur Jaccard, Head, Department for Social Issues, Christoph Merian Foundation.

For questions and to register for the symposium, please contact Frine Giustizieri, Department for Social Issues, Christoph Merian Foundation.