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Swiss Innovation Forum 2017/2018

Review of the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017: Dreams become Innovation

The Swiss Innovation Forum was being held for the twelfth time on November 16th 2017 in Basel – it is the most important innovation conference in Switzerland. With last year’s theme „DREAM“ speakers from abroad and from Switzerland showed how visionary dreams can become innovative business ideas. The event’s roughly 1'200 attendees were inspired by new ideas, technological innovations and made many new connections at the event.

Outlook Swiss Innovation Forum 2018

The Swiss Innovation Forum is a unique platform to foster creativity, design and innovation. Carefully selected guest speakers present futuristic ideas, newest technologies and current trends to an audience of 1'200 people. The forum showcases real examples from the business world as well as academic presentations on the topic of innovation.

The thirteenth edition of the Swiss Innovation Forum will be held on November 22nd at the Congress Centre Basel. Be surprised what topic this year’s event organizers of this leading Swiss innovation conference will have up their sleeve!

The Canton of Basel-Stadt has been the location partner of the Swiss Innovation Forum since 2010.


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