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Block chain is getting real

Block chain technology bears all the hallmarks that signal real change in business processes across every industry and sector. Under the title «Block Chain – Towards Real World Integration», the Economic Development team of the Canton of Basel-Stadt recently organized an event series with three speakers who took a closer look at the actual impact block chain technology will have on various business sectors.

More than 150 participants jumped at the opportunity to take in expert judgment from first-class experts in the field, followed by an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and networking.

Covering the bases of the real estate industry, Urs Baumann from Swiss Prime Site AG spoke about innovative strategies implemented and experiences learned in several pilot projects.  

The talk of Thomas Schöb from Baloise Insurance offered participants an opportunity to learn more about disruptive block chain practices in the insurance industry.

And Asaf Ikram of itemis AG shed light on current project HANSEBLOC, which examines the benefits block chain can add to the logistics operations of the port of Hamburg. As the  moderator of each industry event, local block chain specialist Daniel Burgwinkel provided valuable introductions to the subjects covered.

Three key notes – three core messages

  1. Block chain has significant disruptive potential for business processes, e.g. through by-passing of intermediaries.
  2. Successful implementation requires prior enactment of a legal framework and fostering of customer acceptance.
  3. Realizing isolated projects can be a challenge; building a community increases chances of successful implementation.

Key takeaways from the events and participants’ feedback

  • The subject of block chain is of great interest to Basel’s business community; its intent to explore the subject in more detail is palpable.
  • As a topic, block chain technology remains quite theoretical. For an in-depth understanding of the matter, real-world projects of block chain implementation are crucial.
  • Cooperation between business and scientific communities should be considered; if possible, by means of actual collaborative projects.
  • There is great demand for growing a lively block chain community offering information and immersion events.


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