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DayOne - Basel is gearing up for the digital future in Life Sciences and Health

The Basel region is one of the world’s preeminent Life Sciences locations. To further facilitate the local growth of this thriving industry that is key to our region, it is instrumental to identify and develop the opportunities at the intersection of digital technologies, health care and life sciences in Basel. A crucial role in this endeavour is the close cooperation between private sector industry, universities and hospitals. As an innovation hub for precision medicine, DayOne is expertly positioned to deliver on this premise. Accordingly, the Canton of Basel-Stadt has pledged to provide financial support for the DayOne initiative over the next four years.

DayOne is supposed to deliver nothing less than next-level developments in the Life Sciences sector, all but guaranteeing to consolidate the international leadership position the location of Basel has earned in this industry. To achieve this goal, DayOne has the mission to „create a leading hub for healthcare innovation, built on the strengths of the Basel region, and respected for its impact and collaboration across disciplines and industries with a focus on precision medicine — where diagnostics, treatment and digital health converge.”

Since January 2018, the DayOne initiative is actively pursuing its goals in the DayOne Lab at Technologiepark Basel where it has already launched and implemented various projects and ideas. Through its DayOne Network the initiative is able to mine customized knowledge and expertise for specific challenges. It serves as a platform for a diverse range of stakeholders and partners to cooperate in problem solving and to tinker with creative ideas, in order to advance collaborative projects. DayOne Lab is designed as platform with real-world as well as virtual spheres allowing for the broadest range of cooperation models between different institutions and partner organizations possible.


About DayOne

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DayOne is an initiative managed by in close collaboration with the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The strategic direction and agenda of DayOne are set by a core team of individuals representing healthcare stakeholders from industry, healthcare providers, public-private research, professional service providers as well as governmental bodies.


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