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Day of the Future: Kids go to work at the AWA Basel-Stadt and Technologiepark Basel for a day

It’s official: On November 8th 2018, the Office of Economy and Labour AWA has held its first “Day of the Future” ever, Basel’s version of “Take-your-kids-to-work” day. Just like companies in the private sector, the lifeblood of AWA Basel-Stadt are its qualified and highly motivated employees, now and in the future. Giving our employees’ children the chance to see their parents’ workplace is a great way to further integrate and balance work and family lives. And by inviting our staff’s children in for a day, the AWA Basel-Stadt is not just an advocate of a family-friendly corporate culture in theory, but a living example of it, day after day.

Already in 2011 and 2014, the AWA Basel-Stadt was commended and certified in the category “Family and Job” by the professional consulting and competence centre “UND”. And in December 2018, we will be re-certified. “Take-your-kids-to-work” day is only one of many diverse efforts we’re undertaking to increase the compatibility of work and private life, and to improve our chances to attract and retain our highly skilled and motivated staff.

On the AWA’s Day of the Future, 15 kids and adolescents got to enjoy a whole day at the office chock-full with diverse and exciting activities. A personal guided tour through the Technologiepark Basel, literally effervescent experiments in its top-of-the-line laboratories, and interesting exchanges with two companies who are tenants of the Technologiepark Basel offered an insider’s perspective on research and development activities of successful start-ups. In the afternoon, the kids had the opportunity to experience in depth a classical workday at the AWA as they were allowed to join their moms and dads at their actual workplace.

Lots of smiles and happiness all around made it crystal clear that the first “Day of the Future” was a great success and assessed positively by everyone involved.


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