Welcome to the Office of Economy and Labour (AWA)

Image Welcome to the Office of Economy and Labour (AWA)

The Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) provides advice and support for any questions you may have about unemployment, working conditions and the economic development of our region. As a centre we are actively engaged in building up and maintaining a well-functioning labour market whilst also promoting the competitiveness of the canton’s business and economy. Alongside the management of relations with social partners, associations, other cantons and the federal government, we are furthermore committed to the social protection of the structural changes.

If you have any enquiries or concerns, please visit our website to find your direct contacts and more detailed information.

The Office of Economy and Labour is part of the Economic, Social and Environmental Department of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Work Permits

We are your contact for any authorisations that may be required in the Basel labour market.

Unemployed – what should I do?

People facing unemployment usually have lots of questions, so we have summarised the main steps you should follow below.

Public Unemployment Insurance Fund of the Canton of Basel-Stadt (OeAK)

The Public Unemployment Insurance Fund assesses claims and disburses unemployment insurance benefits in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Congress Promotion

Its central location, excellent transport links and modern infrastructure all contribute to making Basel one of the most important trade fair and congress cities in Europe.

Occupational Health & Safety

Here you will find the main guidelines and requirements to protect your physical and mental health in the workplace.

Economic Policy

The Government reviews the economic policy of the canton every four years, makes adjustments to satisfy the current conditions and publishes the results in their Economic Report.