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Final Event of the Blockchain Challenge 2021

Universität Basel, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät Center for Innovative Finance, Credit Suisse Asset Management Schweiz-Professur für Distributed Ledger Technology/Fintech

The University of Basel has been offering Blockchain courses since 2017. In various courses, students learn the theoretical foundations of this promising technology and get a chance to see beyond the hype. From cryptographic algorithms to mechanism design and various protocols, our students tackle a broad range of relevant topics. These foundations are essential to understand the technology and get an understanding of how it can be applied.

In addition to the theoretical classes, we host a very special format: The Blockchain Challenge.

It essentially serves as a capstone project, where students get a chance to apply their knowledge and work on real-world cases provided by project partners from various industries. The students get a case with a specific question and employ Blockchain technology to come up with creative solutions.

This novel format has been highly successful, and a large variety of interesting cases have been developed in the past few years. Tokenized train tickets, identity solutions for suppliers in the pharma industry, and provably fair submission schemes are just a few of many applications that have been developed in the past — And once again, we have a very promising and highly committed group of students, that have been tirelessly working on their cases for the past three months. We are therefore extremely excited to host the third annual Blockchain Challenge Finale, for the class of 2021.

On 11 May 2021, the students will pitch their cases and present their project findings during a public event. They will present their concepts, showcase the applications they have developed, and thereby compete for the title “Blockchain Challenge Champion 2021.”

If you are interested in seeing how this novel technology can be applied in various industries, this is a great opportunity. The event will take place online (via Zoom Webinar) and is free of charge.

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Di. 11. Mai 2021

17:00 - 20:00 Uhr

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Blockchain Callenge 2021, Invitation by University of Basel


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