Working in Europe

Are you interested in finding a job in the European labour market? We will advise you in your job search and give you helpful tips and information on the living and working conditions in the EU / EFTA countries.

Organised the European way – in your own canton

Cross-Border Work in the Region - EURES-T-Upper Rhine

In the border triangle of Switzerland-France-Germany, the EURES-T-Upper Rhine supports the inter-regional and European exchange of labour supply and demand, through the cooperation of the public employment offices with the social partners (trade unions and employer organisations) and regional and local authorities.

The EURES-T-Upper Rhine advisors,

  • will inform you about the labour market and the labour laws in Germany, France and Switzerland as well as their social security and taxation policies,
  • provide assistance in finding a job in the neighbouring country,
  • conduct joint seminars and information events and offer advice and information brochures

For issues relating to living and working in Europe, please contact the EURES advisors of the AWA of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Labour market in the Upper Rhine Region 2023 (in German only)

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Working in Europe - EURES

EURES ("EURopean Employment Services") is a cooperation network. Its members include the European Commission, the public employment services of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland as well as other national and regional players concerned with employment issues, such as trade unions, employers' organisations, regional and local authorities.

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Swiss abroad – advisory tasks now at AWA BS

In order to leverage synergies in the range of job placements, SECO has decided to hand over advisory tasks and job placement activities for the benefit of Swiss people living abroad to the Office for Economy and Labour Basel-Stadt (AWA BS) as per 1 July 2019.

Within AWA BS, Laurent Hodio (Phone: 061 267 50 28, mail: will be in charge of those tasks. Please feel free to get in touch with him concerning all operative issues.

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European Labour Authority

The European Labour Authority (ELA), based in Bratislava, Slovakia, started operations in October 2019. It regulates various aspects of the European labour market, including the free movement and posting of workers and the coordination of social security.

The ELA aims to support national labour market authorities and ensure synergies between EU authorities on demand planning, health and safety at work, restructuring and combating illegal employment. It will also provide individuals and employers with access to information about their rights and obligations, promote cross-border cooperation in the enforcement of relevant EU rules and mediate in any disputes.

Website of the European Labour Authority


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