Exceptional registration process

If unemployment is looming, you have the duty to inform yourself immediately about the next steps. Please read the brochure below "Arbeitslos? Was Sie von uns erwarten können und als Stellensuchende/-r wissen müssen".

Please also note our information about cooperating with RAV during COVID-19.

Register with the Regional Employment Centre (RAV) as soon as possible, but no later than the first day of your unemployment. Preferably, please register online - if necessary you can also register in person at our information desks.

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Online registration

nach oben

Personal registration

Please register in person at our information desk at Hochstrasse 37, where we will provide you with the necessary documents and inform you about the next steps. Please bring official identification with you - in the case of foreign nationals, your residence permit or foreign national's identity card.
Please note: Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, our building at Utengasse 36 is currently closed to all persons without an appointment.