Employers & Companies

We provide advice on legal framework conditions, including labour law issues, work permit applications and the safeguarding of health and safety standards. We also answer questions regarding building conversions and new constructions.

Labour Law

AWA advises employers on a range of issues relating to labour law.

Minimum Wage

The Cantonal Government has put the law into effect, which was approved by the voters. The cantonal minimum wage shall apply from 01.07.2022. At the same time, the Cantonal Government passed the executive ordinance.

Work Permits

Do you need work permits for third-country nationals, or wish to register an employee from an EU country? Information on applications and mandatory registrations is available here.

Licence Required Activities

Which of a company’s activities require a license? The most common licenses are listed here. We also provide further information on the subject.

Tripartite committee

In 2002, the Agreement on the free movement of persons (AFMP) between Switzerland and the EU entered into force.

Financial Support

Which type of financial support can employers and companies receive from the Canton of Basel-Stadt?

Occupational Health & Safety

Employees are subject to specific protection provisions. Employers are obliged by law to comply with these provisions. The Work Inspectorate provides advice and information.

Regional Employment Centre

For SMEs and HR departments, the Regional Employment Centres (RAV) are essential contacts regarding the Swiss labour market.

Building Conversions & New Constructions, Asbestos

The Work Inspectorate provides information on employee protection to planners, architects and constructors.