Licence Required Activities

Which company activities require a licence? Here is a list of the most frequently requested approvals. We are looking forward to providing you with any additional information you may require.

  • Working hour approval

    Night work and work on Sundays and bank holidays is subject to official approval. Temporary working hour permits can be obtained from the Labour Inspectorate of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

  • Consumer credit

    Our experts are responsible for all matters relating to the commercial procurement or provision of consumer credit.

  • Shop opening times

    Uniform shopping hours apply throughout the Canton. If shops or stalls wish to offer exceptional shopping hours (special occasions, etc.), they must obtain a permit from the AWA’s Labour Inspectorate department.

  • Staff loaning & procurement agencies

    Agencies loaning or procuring staff in Switzerland require a cantonal staff loaning or procurement license. The responsible authority in the Canton of Basel-Stadt is the Office for Economy and Labour (AWA).

  • Marriage and dating agencies

    The professional placement of foreign nationals for purposes of marriage or forming partnerships requires a licence.

  • Price disclosure obligation

    The Price Disclosure Ordinance aims to create price transparency and facilitate price comparison.

  • Metrology

    The cantonal offices for weights and measures, authorised measurement offices and the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS) are responsible for monitoring measurement equipment in Switzerland. In the Canton of Basel-Stadt the measurement office reports to the Labour Inspectorate. More about Metrology

  • Working from home

    Advisory services for public and private employers with employees who work from home, as well as for employees who work from home.

  • Mountain guides & offers of risk-related activities

    Please bear in mind that various groups of people and risk-related activities are obliged to have a licence if they are active in a commercial sense.