Price Disclosure Obligation

The Price Disclosure Ordinance aims to create price transparency and facilitate price comparison.

Fair competition depends on the avoidance of misleading price displays, thereby protecting consumers against fraud and untrue statements in advertisements and shops.

In order to achieve this aim, sellers are required to display the actual payable price in CHF including VAT. In general, the price must be displayed on the product itself or directly beside it. The display must be clearly visible and easy to read and must state the product and sales unit to which the price refers.

Information on the Price Disclosure Ordinance

The Price Disclosure Ordinance applies to all advertisements that include prices or figures relating to the price range or price limit.

Please note: Advertisements without price disclosure are not subject to the Price Disclosure Ordinance.

Further information regarding the Price Disclosure Ordinance is available from Seco

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Scope of application

The Price Disclosure Ordinance applies to

  • the offer of goods for sale (e.g. in retail businesses, display windows, market and trade fair stalls, kiosks)
  • the offer of services (in areas such as hairdressing, restaurants, taxis, entertainment services) and
  • advertising with price disclosure and price reductions for all goods and services (e.g. in newspapers, prospectuses, advertising catalogues, TV, radio and Internet).

With the aim of facilitating the implementation of the Price Display Ordinance, SECO provides information leaflets for individual industries as well as 2 brochures entitled "Practical guidelines and Correct quantity and price disclosure".

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