Occupational Health & Safety

Employees are subject to special protection regulations in the workplace. Employers are legally obliged to comply with these regulations. The Labour Inspectorate gladly provides advice and answers any questions you may have.

  • Occupational Health Programme in Your Company

    A good working environment is a vital part of the well-being of employees. The Labour Inspectorate offers comprehensive advice on the protection of the health of your employees in the workplace.

  • Accident Prevention

    Employers are obliged to take all the necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents involving their employees in the workplace.

  • Maternity protection

    Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding are subject to special legal protection measures in the workplace. The Labour Inspectorate will inform you of the necessary measures.

  • Youth protection up to 18 Years old

    If you employ staff under the age of 18, you must comply with special provisions in order not to jeopardise their physical health and mental well-being.

  • Protection Against Passive Smoking

    Passive smoking can also lead to health problems. The Labour Inspectorate will inform you on how to protect employees against the blue haze.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious offence. The Labour Inspectorate offers comprehensive advice on the legal regulations as well as preventive measures to protect your employees.

  • Mental stress, conflicts at the place of work, suspicion of bullying

    Mental stress of employees and conflict situations in the workplace are no longer uncommon events. Employers can contribute significantly to the psychological well-being of their employees.