Working Hour Approval

Night shifts and work on Sundays and bank holidays is subject to official approval. Temporary working hour permits can be obtained from the Labour Inspectorate of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Does your company require the occasional night shift or work on Sundays or bank holidays?

Exceptional working hours may be approved if the respective statutory conditions are met. The AWA’s Labour Inspectorate is responsible for applications and permits regarding temporary night shifts (no longer than three months) or work on Sundays/bank holidays (maximum six Sundays/bank holidays per year) provided the work is performed in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

In all other cases, please submit your application to the cantonal Labour Inspectorate responsible for the workplace (in German, French or Italian).

In the case of longer, i.e. long-term permits, please contact the Federal Authority (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs).

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