Information for jobseekers, self-employment and employers

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For jobseekers

Who we are

If you are looking for employment, you can register with the Regional Employment Centre (RAV). We will advise and support you in your job search. We also offer you access to a large number of vacancies reported to us by employers.


Register in person at our reception at Hochstrasse 37. Please bring the following documents with you:

  • A personal identity document (passport, identity card, certificate "S", etc.).
  • A confirmation of registration, if you are already officially registered in Basel.
  • A translator if you neither speak nor understand German, English or French.

Electronic registration is possible via if you already have a Swiss telephone number and a Swiss national insurance number (AHV or health insurance).

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Application for a work permit (to take up self-employment)

It is possible to take up a self-employed activity or to change from an employed to a self-employed activity. To do so you need to be in possession of a so-called Certificate S permit (for those in need of protection). In doing so, please observe the following:

  • To work in the canton of Basel-Stadt you must submit a relevant application for a work permit
  • By using the link to this form: Application for self-employment, third-country nationals (in German only) the following documents and information need to be submitted:
    • Proof of the necessary financial and operational requirements
    • Proof of sufficient independent livelihood
    • Copy of a valid passport
    • Copy of the Certificate S
    • Please submit the completed form, including documents, by post only:

      Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit
      Utengasse 36
      4005 Basel

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Working from home

In principle, no work permit is required for those who would like to work from home for a foreign employer (e.g. for the previous employer in the home country) or to continue an existing self-employed activity without any influence on the Swiss labour market.

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For employers

We are grateful to you for providing jobs for refugees from Ukraine. In our placement and counselling activities, we treat all jobseekers who are eligible to work in Switzerland equally. We place those employees with you who are best suited for the position you seek to fill.

Reporting jobs

Please use the regular channel on for your job vacancies. We will match your notification with the profiles of jobseekers and invite people with suitable training and experience to apply to you.

“Arbeitsstelle Plus”: If you offer further support with the job vacancy you seek to fill:

The individual situations of refugees from Ukraine are sometimes very complex. For many it is important to work. However, other problems also need to be solved or simply accepted. Should you wish to combine a job offer with specific integration support (housing, childcare, education, guidance and more), we will be happy to receive your notification of intent:

Application for a work permit (to take up employment)

A work permit is required so that your future employee can take up a part-time or full-time job with you as quickly as possible or so that a person can start an apprenticeship or further education with you. A labour market assessment is carried out by the competent cantonal authority. You must take the following into account:

  • The employee must be officially registered in Switzerland and in possession of a so-called Certificate S (for those in need of protection)
  • For employment in the canton of Basel-Stadt, you need to submit a corresponding work permit application using the following link: Form for work permit for a foreign worker for third-country nationals - Canton Basel-Stadt ( the following parameters must be selected:
    • Local employment
    • Work permit for a foreign worker of third-country origin
    • Employee
    • New arrival/job start or job change
      • The following documents have to be handed in:
        • Copy of the employment contract signed by both parties
        • Copy of valid passport
        • Copy of Certificate S
        • for regulated professions (e.g. doctor of medecin), the required authorisation to practise the profession must be enclosed with the application documents
  • The application for a work permit will be checked to ensure that salary and working conditions comply with local and industry standards - the salary must basically correspond to both the person's qualifications and the job profile
  • a change of job is possible and is also subject to a corresponding labour market examination
  • the canton of Basel-Stadt does not charge a fee is charged for the labour market examination
  • the new job can only be taken up after a positive result of the labour market examination with the relevant work permit
  • Staff hire is possible under the same conditions.