Regional Employment Centre Field Service

Our RAV field service team is here for you. Let us know your recruitment needs. We are your point of contact for the professional selection and placement of personnel.

Overview of our free-of-charge services:

  • Personal advice on how to draw up your job descriptions either by phone or at your premises
  • Quick and competent selection of suitable applicants based on your requirement profile
  • As requested, we will advertise your vacancy regionally or throughout Switzerland in the RAV central database of job vacancies. In addition to this we can also place advertisements on the internet and on our Jobpoints (self-service computers at our locations that contain all the current vacancies).
  • Arrangement of training and professional internships
  • Support for an exceptional training programmes for jobseekers in a new subject area (granting of training subsidies)

Would you like to receive advice or do you have any questions? Contact us via e-mail or by phone on +41 61 267 50 33.

Unemployment assistance and Stöckli

Support for insured people who have fully used up their benefits.

The unemployment assistance places work-seeking people in jobs within the cantonal administration or in the non-profit area. They are provided with a regular work contract generally for 6 months financed by the crisis fund.

The Stöckli offer places people, who will go into retirement within a maximum of three years, in the cantonal administration or in non-profit organizations. They get a fixed-term work contract according to the Basel-Stadt wage bracket system. There are workplaces for people without vocational qualification, with elementary training or apprenticeship, as well as for people with a higher education.

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