RAV Advice

The RAV recruiters help you find work as quickly as possible. Our counselling focuses on a broad spectrum of subjects: from professional positioning and advertising strategy, qualification measures up to job search and placement.

Finding a new job

Our specialists offer you expert, individual advice on a one-to-one basis on your way to finding a new job – as their prime objective is to integrate you in the first labour market as quickly and sustainably as possible. We work with a solution-oriented approach. This means that we accompany you with a goal-oriented approach on your way back into the labour market; but then you have to go it alone.

The advisors at your Regional Employment Centre will help you conduct a vocational situation analysis and work on developing an application strategy with you that is tailored to your skills and requirements. We encourage you to improve your professional qualifications if we find that this is required to facilitate your entry into the labour market and support you in this process or help you through targeted measures. Both the job search and placement represent another area of advice.

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Qualification for jobseekers

After clarifying your vocational situation analysis (as well as your existing qualifications, we will compile targeted, subject-specific measures to facilitate your entry in the labour market.

You can improve your skills, learn new techniques, and make new contacts by means of taking part in courses, employment programs, motivation semesters or individual measures. To apply for the AMM, you must register with the RAV.

How to apply for active labour market measure (LAM)?

As a first step you must sign up with your Regional Employment Centre. Then you can discuss your requirements with the relevant advisory personnel and you will receive the necessary documents. Individuals with the relevant insurance policies can apply for active labour market measures at any time on their own initiative or submit an application. Generally speaking, the Regional Employment Centre decides whether a measure is appropriate and useful. Legal framework conditions must also be met for an approving decision.

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Job placement

The personnel consulting provided by RAV also supports you in your job search. Close cooperation with employers enables the Regional Employment Centre (RAV) to publish vacancies (both temporary and permanent positions) immediately on the  job-room.ch website. By using this intermediary platform, you can benefit from the largest and most up-to-date job portal in Switzerland.

Please note that attractive job opportunities can also be found in the European labour market.

Directory of private employment and recruitment services companies

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