Corporate support

Systematic corporate support

The Canton of Basel-Stadt actively supports companies based here, so that they can achieve a higher added value and increase employment at all levels. In order to fulfil these objectives, corporate support is pursued systematically.

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Active relationship management and sector events

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The Cantonal Government regularly holds dialogues on important topics with the management of large companies in Basel.

The Economic Development Unit takes care of SMEs directly. Thanks to the team of industry experts in life sciences, finance and logistics, roundtables and events can be organised on the latest, most important and sensitive topics. The goal of this dialogue with companies is to obtain feedback about location factors in order to exert specific influence for the future.

With the contact point for companies, the Economic Development Unit provides a central information point for companies that have not yet established direct contact to the public administration. Companies receive the first answers quickly and simply, or can locate the right contact person within the administration.

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Services that meet requirements

The insights from active relationship management are used to develop and offer services that meet requirements. The Economic Development Unit is a service provider for Basel companies with a full range of services, products and know-how:

  • Consulting
  • Innovation promotion
  • Economic zones and real estate
  • Financial support from Bürgschaftsgenossenschaften (guarantee cooperatives)
  • Rent and tax relief
  • International market development
  • Convention promotion

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Strengthening location factors

If, during the dialogue with different companies, it transpires that there are common needs regarding the general framework, the Economic Development Unit actively advocates an improvement of the location factors together with public and private partners.

The Economic Development Unit is therefore not only a service provider but also a facilitator between the business sector and the public administration. We are a "hub" that communicates directly with all relevant partners and proactively caters to their needs and challenges.

We are glad to be of assistance! Contact us if you have questions or needs.