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  • Regulatory impact assessment in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

    The Canton of Basel-Stadt advocates business-friendly solutions regarding enactments. For this purpose, the regulatory impact assessment (RFA) instrument was introduced in 2011 with the aim of creating transparency concerning the economic effects of regulations and thus improving the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of regulations. The cantonal RFA has now been evaluated based on an initiative by the Grand Council.

  • Digital Annual Report 2022 Economic Development, Canton of Basel-Stadt

    The Economic Development at the Office of Economy and Labour Basel-Stadt is committed to providing optimum framework conditions for companies in the canton. Digital Annual Report 2022 Economic Development, canton of Basel-Stadt

  • After Brexit – Access to the Swiss Labour Market

    Because of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU), the Agreement on Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) no longer applies to the UK. In its lieu, the agreements on the acquired rights of citizens and the temporary Services Mobility Agreement (SMA) between Switzerland and the UK take effect, along with Switzerland’s Foreign National and Immigration Act (FNIA).

  • Keep pushing Corona out of the workplace

    For more than a year, the staff of the Labour Inspectorate (AI) has been supporting businesses in the Canton of Basel-Stadt with the implementation of and compliance with the behavioural and hygiene regulations recommended by the Federal Office of Health of the Swiss Confederation (BAG). During controls of operations and companies, performed in close cooperation with representatives of the Department of Health (GD) and the Department of Justice and Security (JSD), they routinely encounter – and answer – questions of employees and employers.

  • EasyGov: The online counter for companies

    EasyGov is an online counter jointly created by the Federal Government, the cantons and municipalities of Switzerland that streamlines the interactions of companies with the authorities. Sandra Rigassi, Head of Industrial Relations at AWA Basel-Stadt, is both a representative of the Association of Swiss Labour Market Offices (VSAA) and a member of the EasyGov project group. Here she shares an update on the current EasyGov project status.

  • Basel Area shapes future health innovations

    The most important success factor of the Basel region (in the language of Economic Development, the "Basel Area") is its capacity for constant transformation. From being the centre of the pharmaceutical industry, Basel has developed into Europe's leading life sciences cluster with strong companies in biotechnology, digital health, health technologies and personalised medicine. More about Basel Area shapes future health innovations

  • Startup Academy Basel: We help people with great business ideas succeed!

    In our interview, Markus Kindle, President of the Startup Academy Basel, reviews ten successful years at the non-profit he heads, and lets us in on his ambitious plans for the future.

  • Company News from Basel-Stadt

    Our section „Company News from Basel-Stadt“ regularly features and showcases a selection of corporate success stories from companies in Basel-Stadt.

  • Veranstaltungskalender (in German only)

    Vorankündigungen und save-the-dates zu Veranstaltungen des Amts für Wirtschaft und Arbeit finden Sie hier.