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  • Basel Area shapes future health innovations

    The most important success factor of the Basel region (in the language of Economic Development, the "Basel Area") is its capacity for constant transformation. From being the centre of the pharmaceutical industry, Basel has developed into Europe's leading life sciences cluster with strong companies in biotechnology, digital health, health technologies and personalised medicine.

  • Short interview with Kaspar Sutter, new Head of the Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs (WSU) of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

    On 3 February 2020, Kaspar Sutter has assumed the office of Head of the Department of Economic Social and Environmental Affairs (WSU) of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Sutter follows his predecessor, former Member of the Cantonal Government, Christoph Brutschin. Be among the first to learn about the strategic policies and objectives of the new Member of the Cantonal Government.

  • 10 years Technologiepark Basel – a driver of innovation

    This year, Technologiepark Basel can celebrate 10 years of existence! In one decade, Technologiepark Basel has made important and inspiring contributions to business and the economy way beyond the Basel region. Today, it is a leading driver of the incremental growth of private investments in start-ups in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

  • Interview with Ulf Grawunder, founder of NBE-Therapeutics

    The 2012 launch of NBE-Therapeutics, a biotech company focusing on cancer therapies and based in the Technologiepark Basel, was guided by the vision of developing a next generation immune-stimulatory antibody drug conjugate (iADC™) platform. In December 2020 German pharmaceuticals company Boehringer Ingelheim has acquired NBE-Therapeutics for 1,18 billion Euros. More about Interview with Ulf Grawunder, founder of NBE-Therapeutics

  • Carefully optimistic into the future

    According to the economic forecast, the economic location Basel-Stadt is expected to suffer less pronouncedly in the aftermath of COVID-19 than Switzerland on national average. This is the summary of a report about the impacts of COVID-19 on Basel-Stadt’s economy, updated in January 2021 by the Office of Economy and Labour of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

  • COVID-19: Continuing support for companies, Guarantee programmes

    In light of the ongoing restrictions of the public sphere and public life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canton of Basel-Stadt has continued to expand and strengthen its support programmes benefitting companies and businesses affected by the situation. Depending on parameters such as target group and specific programme, the Canton may also have additional access to funds provided by the Federal Government.

  • A tour de force for helping businesses

    Thousands of businesses in the Canton of Basel-Stadt have received several hundred millions of Swiss Francs as short-time working compensation – thanks to the swift help of the Office of Economy and Labour.

  • Company News from Basel-Stadt

    Our section „Company News from Basel-Stadt“ regularly features and showcases a selection of corporate success stories from companies in Basel-Stadt.

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