Company News from Basel-Stadt

Our section „Company News from Basel-Stadt“ regularly features and showcases a selection of corporate success stories from companies in Basel-Stadt.

BioVersys AG

BioVersys AG and consortium partners TASK Foundation and GSK have been awarded 2.7 million Euro from European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership for Phase 2a clinical trial. Additionally, BioVersys receives €20 million in EU financing to support development of new antibiotics.

Monte Rosa Therapeutics

Monte Rosa Therapeutics announces the closing of a $95 Million Series C financing to accelerate next-generation protein degradation platform.

Bottmedical AG

Bottmedical AG secures CHF 1.1 Million to prepare Swiss market entry. Further, Innosuisse supports the pioneering R&D activities between Bottmedical AG and University of Basel with CHF 0.4 million.

Versant Ventures

Versant Ventures raises $950 Million across three separate vehicles. These included Versant Venture Capital VIII, a $560 million primary global biotech fund; Versant Voyageurs II, a $140 million booster fund; and Versant Vantage II, a $250 million later-stage opportunity fund.


Innosuisse supports the Basel biotech company RocketVax in its research into the second generation of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines with CHF 1.2 Million.