Basel economy in figures

Which are the most important "facts & figures" on the Basel economy?
We have itemized everything according to key subjects such as added value, market outlook, accessibility, key industries and economic zones.

  • Overview economy

    Economic development, value added, sectoral structure and company structure. Here you can find the most important macroeconomic figures and charts for the business location Basel-Stadt.

  • Location factors

    Location factors

    How competitive is Basel-Stadt and how does the canton perform with regard to location attractiveness? A look at selected location factors delivers the answers.

  • Labour market

    Employment, unemployment and shortage of skilled workers. Here you can find the most important figures and charts for Basel-Stadt's labour market.

  • Life sciences industry

    The life sciences industry is the most important economic sector in Basel. Did you know that in the Basel region 25,000 jobs were created by companies in the life sciences sector?

  • Logistics


    Basel, the “logistics portal to Switzerland”. Did you know that the Basel region is one of the most important logistics locations in Switzerland? Learn exciting facts about logistics in Basel.

  • Finance


    Do you want to learn about the economic importance of Basel as a financial centre? The Basel financial sector is one of the important industries in the canton.