Location factors

How competitive is Basel-Stadt and how does the canton perform with regard to location attractiveness? A look at selected location factors delivers the answers.

The competitiveness and attractiveness of Basel-Stadt as a business location is demonstrated on the basis of selected location factors. The location factors shape the location quality and contribute significantly to the future growth of the canton.

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Explanation: The median canton is standardised to 100. The most recent year available (2019 to 2021) was used respectively. If the value of the Canton of Basel-Stadt is above the median canton, the canton has a location advantage.

Basel-Stadt is characterised in particular by the following success factors:

  • High level of innovation: above-average number of patents per capita, excellent educational institutions, high availability of highly qualified individuals and, correspondingly, high human capital
  • Above-average accessibility: optimal accessibility by train, car or plane from Europe and other regions in Switzerland

The BAK Taxation Index (EATR, i.e. effective average tax rate) was included to compare the taxation of companies and highly qualified individuals. The tax reform in the Canton of Basel-Stadt significantly reduced the costs for many companies.  When it comes to corporate taxation, Basel-Stadt now scores slightly above average in an all-Swiss comparison. Compared to the Swiss average, the taxation of the highly qualified is less attractive.

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Economic potential

BAK Economics indicators show an above-average economic potential for the canton. In addition, Basel-Stadt is particularly attractive for companies as well as for highly qualified employees. Finally, the canton is also characterised by a high level of competitiveness.

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Explanation: BAK Economics Index of economic potential comprises 26 indicators, which are divided into three categories: “Performance”, “Attractiveness” and “Competitiveness”. The “BAK Economics Performance Index” reflects economic success based on recent economic developments. The “BAK Economics Attractiveness Index” can be used to assess how attractive the region is for corporations and highly qualified employees. The third category, the “BAK Economics Competitiveness Index”, takes into account competitiveness and economic forecasts.


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