Suspicion of Materials Containing Asbestos

Mauer mit Plastikschutz abgedeckt – Verdacht auf Asbest.

You suspect that there are materials containing asbestos on your premises, but you do not know how to proceed.

What can you do if you suspect that there are materials containing asbestos?

Private individuals in the Canton of Basel-Stadt can contact the cantonal laboratory,
specialist unit for indoor air analytics.
General number: Tel +41 61 385 25 00

Information on the correct disposal can be found at the Office of Environment and Energy.

Employers and employees are subject to the provisions of the Construction Regulation (BauAV):
Art. 3 (planning of the construction work, identifying hazardous materials),
Art. 60 (obligation to report renovation work on building materials containing asbestos).

Bei Asbest auf Baustellen ist die SUVA zu kontaktieren:

Herr Jean Nabholz
Tel. +41 (0)61 278 48 91
E-Mail: jean.nabholz(at)